About SEC


The Stakeholder Engagement Community is an online group dedicated to stakeholder engagement and consultation practitioners.

Demand for stakeholder engagement and consultation is growing in North America. Organizations are facing increased pressure to illustrate adequate consultation, both from the public and government agencies. Failure to consult carries significant risks that can result in:

  • Negative public relations (media coverage)
  • Delays in plans or operations
  • Loss of approvals
  • Legal implications

There is a need for more definitive industry information and in recognition of this need, we have created the Stakeholder Engagement Community – an online group for engagement and consultation practitioners to join and use to their advantage. Use the communities’ Twitter page, Facebook or LinkedIn group to find news, resources, and ideas related to this emerging and progressive area of expertise.

We are passionate about helping practitioners working in stakeholder engagement and consultation and are dedicated to providing an online space where they can support each other by sharing resources, news, and information to help improve their practices.